Student Leadership

Here at the Hastings Academy, we take great PRIDE in driving student leadership across the Academy and in doing so, we aim to enhance the personal development of our students by facilitating their ability to contribute to the community. Student leadership instills the core fundamental British values of democracy, individual liberty as well as mutual respect and tolerance.

There are a number of opportunities for students to take on leadership roles across the Academy. Some of these leadership programmes include:

  • The Student Council
  • Senior Students
  • Peer Support Team
  • Literacy Leaders.
Student Council

The Student Council consists of elected Form Representatives across all years who serve a two-year term of office. The Student Council meets every term with the minutes being published around the Academy.

Peer Support Team

This is open to our older students in Years 10 and 11. The Peer Support Team fulfils a vital role in the transition between primary and secondary education by providing a supportive network for our new year 7 students.

The Peer Support team fulfil the following roles:-

  • Provide advice and guidance to our new Year 7 students
  • Peer readers during tutor time
  • Conflict resolution
  • Run the Academy’s stationery shop

All of our Peer Support Team undergo a training programme in order to help them effectively fulfil their role.

Senior Students

This is a highly prestigious ambassadorial position open to our Year 11 students. Students will need to apply in writing outlining their academic progress and achievements and why they would consider themselves to be a good ambassador for the Academy. Candidates are then formally interviewed for the positions, which include Head Boy and Head Girl.

Literacy Leaders

Literacy leaders help run the library during breaks and after school as well as supporting reading through peer reading.

All students with leadership roles have the opportunity to take the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust Student Leadership Accreditation Award (SSAT SLA). Students will be able to start in Year 7 building up their leadership skills through into Year 11.

What is the Student Leadership Accreditation?

The SLA offers a formal way to champion and celebrate leadership skills of our students in, as well as out, of school. Students are required to create a portfolio in which they gather and upload evidence to showcase their skills. They grade their work using a self-assessment framework which covers ten core skill sets, grouped into three themes:

  • Developing myself
  • Working with others
  • Contributing to my community

The SSAT SLA is awarded at three different levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold.