Homework activities are an important part of our home/school partnership and all students are expected to complete homework to enhance and support their work in class.
At The Hastings Academy we set homework to:

  • Promote independent learning
  • Develop study skills
  • Build resilience
  • Cover content (pre and post classroom learning)

All homework tasks will be set on ClassCharts. To support students in the completion of their homework we provide a Homework Hub. We also encourage parents and students to contact their subject teachers should they experience difficulties in completing the homework, or foresee that it may not be completed on time. Detentions for the non-completion of homework may be given if there is no reasonable justification for its non-completion.

The following table shows typical homework task, duration and frequency. This is intended as a guide to support students and help parents plan for the completion of their homework. Additional homework may be given throughout the year and through school holidays. In addition to the homework set out below, students are also encouraged to take part in our extra-curricular clubs

  KS3 KS4
Subject Homeworkwill be set Typical homework duration Typical task Homework will be set Typical homework duration Typical task
Art and Photography Once a week O30 minutes Observational Drawing. Artist Research. Termly project based work.
Year 9 may have more varied tasks set regularly until Easter (usually every 2 weeks)
5-6 hours Photography: Taking photos (min 30) from a range of locations as per Project task lists on ClassCharts.
Fine Art: Observational drawing linked to project theme.
Business       Once a fortnight 1 hour Learn keywords for test.
BTC ICT       Once a week 30 minutes Per learn theory for a test at the beginning of each week.
BTEC DIT       Once a week 30 minutes Complete Khan Academy challenge on web design.
Computer Science       Once a week 30 minutes Revise for test in the first lesson of each week.
Creative Digital Media Production       Once a week 30 minutes Complete Khan Academy challenge on web design.
Dance       Once a week 30 minutes Homework will be set for every unit to meet both practical and theoretical requirements of the course. This will include choreographing; completion of work books; rehearsal setting and completing; reflective logs; physical tasks.
Design and Technology Once every four weeks 1 hour Worksheet relating to the project being conducted in lesson. Once a week 30 minutes Revision/Theory topics relevant to lesson work.
Drama       Once a week 90 minutes Log books; revision for Blood Brothers; rehearsals for script work.ths
English Once a week 30 mins Prepare for a presentation at the end of term and read every week. Once a week 30 minutes Revise key quotes; context key knowledge sheets.
Finance/ NCFE Business and Enterprise       Once a fortnight 30 minutes Research task. Key vocabulary revision.
Food Technology Once a term 1 hour Create a poster that promotes the topic covered in lessons. Once a fortnight 30 minutes 5 mark question from test papers
Geography Once a term 3 hours (minimum) Prepare for a presentation Fortnightly 1 hour a week Assignments set on SENECA.
History Once a term. There will also be the occasional class homework on content. 5-6 hours Prepare a presentation. There is a choice and we encourage creativity. Year 11: Structured weekly revision leading to class tests. Occasional homework based on class content/exam skills. Year 11: 1 hour Year 11: Revise given content and condense the knowledge into bullet points. Students to complete an exam question where appropriate
Year 10: Weekly homework (where appropriate) Year 10: 1 hour Year 10: Exam questions
Year 9: Weekly homework (where appropriate) Year 9: 30 minutes Year 9: Exam questions
Languages (French & Spanish) Once a fortnight 30 minutes Learn vocabulary. Worksheet. Once a week 30 minutes (minimum) Learn vocabulary; prepare for a Speaking task; prepare written tasks; worksheet.
Maths Once a fortnight 30 – 45 minutes Hegarty maths website Once a week 45-60 minutes Hegarty maths website
Media       Year 10 & 11: Once a week
Year 9: Once a fortnight
1.5 hours
15-30 minutes
Exam questioning; revision for Fix It Friday /Test It Tuesday/Win It Wednesday
Revision for mini quiz; follow-up task that complements work we have done in class
Music Once a term 30 minutes – 1 hour Memorise lyrics; create lyrics; create an acronym for memorisation purposes. As required over the year dependent on BTEC/ GCSE 30 minutes – 1 hour BTEC paperwork; performance rehearsal; revision; log book entries.
PE       Year 10 & 11: Set regularly prior to Unit exams (Year 10, terms 1 & 2) 30 minutes Completion of a revision workbook and revision notes for the exam
PSHE Once a term 1 hour Prepare for a presentation. Consolidation of learning; research tasks. Year 11: Ongoing task of completing UCAS progress applications.
Year 9 & 10: N/A
1 hour UCAS progress
Science Once a week 1 hour Educake website ( though other forms acceptable and encouraged where appropriate) Once a week 2 hours Educake website ( though other forms acceptable and encouraged where appropriate)