Gifted and Talented

Meeting the needs of the gifted and talented is about building on a good general school provision, not something entirely different"
- Professor Deborah Eyre
What do we mean by gifted and talented?

In every school and college there are students with a range of abilities. Gifted and talented is the term applied to those young people who are achieving, or who have the potential to achieve, at a level significantly beyond the rest of their peer group. This refers to the upper end of the ability range in most classes/cohorts.

It’s important to recognise that gifted and talented students are individuals, with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. A student may be very able in some areas, but may appear on the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) register in recognition of behavioural, social, physical/sensory or specific learning difficulties.

Our gifted and talented programme is called The Falcons Programme.

The Falcons Programme

Students will be identified as Falcons if they:

  • have a KS2 SAT level 5+ in English, Maths or Science
  • have a Scaled Score of 110 in KS2 mathematics, English reading and English grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • have a CAT score of 115 in one of the categories of verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning or quantitative reasoning
  • have an average CAT score of 120

Falcons can also be identified through:

  • Teacher nomination
  • Assessment results
  • Peer nomination

We have a two strand approach for our Falcons students these are: Teaching & Learning, and Enrichment.

Teaching and Learning

We ensure that daily teaching and learning meets the needs of all students through planning of lessons, questioning, groupings and tasks. Every member of staff has seating plans and profiles of learners which ensures that they can provide the right amount of challenge to secure good progress. We have a Feedback for Learning policy to ensure that every learner receives informative feedback and has the opportunity to act on the feedback and improve their work. Through our Feedback for Learning policy, every student should be clear on the aspects of their work that they have been successful in and those that they need to do to improve. Students will also be challenged through questioning to stimulate higher order thinking for example by being asked to analyse, synthesise or evaluate their work. For more information, please refer to the Curriculum section of the website.


We offer a range of enrichment opportunities outside the normal classroom which enable our students to widen their experience and develop specific skills. Some of these opportunities are linked to the curriculum whilst others are ‘one-off’ events and visits.

Here are some details of a few of them:

Challenge Lectures

Challenge Lectures are an exciting part of our enrichment programme. The aims of these Challenge Lectures are to broaden understanding and inspire interest in the topic being presented. Challenge Lectures take place after school and are open to students, parents and staff. Lectures last for around 30 minutes and are on a variety of topics. The topics presented so far have included:


"Why do we talk the way we do?"
- Miss Macmillan



"The body: an engine of mystery"
- Dr Macmillan



"The Warrior Gene"
- Mr Storey



"Science and faith: opposing forces or perfect partners?"
- Mr Rose


Please refer to our Events page for more details on the upcoming lectures.

PRIDE Projects

In Years 7, 8 and 9 students Falcon students take part in our PRIDE Projects run in conjunction with Villier’s Park (see below for more information). Our PRIDE Projects aim to take students out of their comfort zone and in order to achieve things that they have never done before. PRIDE Projects run in a three year cycle. The first project was PRIDE Dissertations (click on the links below for more information).

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 1
January 2017 January 2018 January 2019 January 2020
PRIDE Dissertations PRIDE Talks TBC PRIDE Dissertations
Other Enrichment Activities

We have an extensive extra-curriculum timetable of clubs and societies which take place after school. All our Falcons pupils are encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities as indeed are students who have talent in specific subjects.

Other enrichment activities include:

  • Brighton and Sussex Medical School – BrightMed
  • Career Speakers
  • Challenge Debates
  • Geography Fieldtrips
  • Interschool competitions
  • Mini Enterprise Projects
  • Museum Visits
  • Photography and Art Fieldtrips
  • Residential Trips (Paris, Austria, Lille, Barcelona, Madrid)
  • Theatre Visits
  • University Visits
Villiers Park

We are very fortunate to be working in conjunction with Villiers Park Educational Trust. Villiers Park work with students who are identified as having high academic potential, to promote the fair access to university of under-represented groups from Hastings and Bexhill, through the Scholars Programme.

To widen the benefits of the programme they have developed Villiers Park Involve; a method of working through Scholars, to share advantages that come with the Scholars Programme, with a greater number of students with high academic potential in the area. Our PRIDE Projects are run in conjunction with Villier’s Park.