GCSE 14-19 Guided Pathways

Year 9 Key Stage 3 Overview

In September 2020 all year 9 students will study English, maths, science, modern foreign languages, history, geography, personal development, philosophy and RE; and physical education, as well as a choice of three creative-arts subject.

To create a level of transition from Key Stage 3 into Key Stage 4, Y8 students will be asked to choose three creative arts subjects to study in more depth to develop a sound foundation knowledge; they will not be studying for a GCSE in Year 9. Students will then select their guided choice subjects at the end of Year 9 in readiness to start GCSE study in Year 10.

The choice of creative-arts subjects are shown below:

Y8 Students will need to choose one subject from each OPTION column (A, B, C)

Option A Option B Option C
Drama Drama Drama
Art Art Art
Photography Photography Photography
Music Dance Music
Dance Sculpture Information tecnology
Design and Technology Fashion and Textiles Design and Technology


  • Art - for those students who want to learn a wide range of techniques, skills, media and methods, and learn about a broad range of art movements and cultures.
  • Dance – for those students who are passionate about dance and dedicated to improving through regular rehearsal and participation in dance activities and events or simply love rhythm and moving.
  • Design and Technology - for those students who are creative and curious about how things work and want to use innovation and problem solving skills to learn about new technology and materials.
  • Drama- for students who are passionate about drama and love to perform in front of an audience or want to build their self-confidence.
  • Fashion and textiles - for those students with an interest in material, clothing and fashion and have imagination and creativity to design.
  • IT- for those students who want to learn how the world is connected and how we can use information technology to improve the way we work and live.
  • Music - for those students who love making music and are dedicated to improving through regular practice and participation in music activities and events.
  • Photography- for those students with an interest in photography and who enjoy using photography to document the world around them.
  • Sculpture - explore art in three dimensions making work using ceramics, wire modelling, mod-rock, relief collage, cardboard construction, papier-mâché and junk sculpture.
Choosing your subjects – deadline Friday 5th June 2020

We are limited to how many students we can accommodate in each class and therefore we need to offer subjects on a first come, first served basis.

In order for us to plan for next year, please can complete this short survey by Friday 5th June. In this you will need to select three subject choices, plus a reserve subject.