Feedback for Learning

At the Hastings Academy we believe that feedback is an integral part of students making good progress. Feedback at the Academy can come from both teachers and from other students in the form of peer assessment. It is important that feedback is structured and supports learning and at the Academy students will receive feedback as Medals and Missions once to twice a term from their teachers. Medals highlight the strengths of a piece of work and explain to students why a piece of work is of good quality and will lead to rapid progress. For example- 'You have clearly described the causes of acid rain and explained how acid rain affects the environment.'

Missions describe a student's area for development and support students in identifying areas where they can make improvements to their work and move forward. For example- 'Can you describe how the pollution that causes acid rain can be reduced?' The missions can be open questions or more structured with scaffolding to support students, such as- 'Think about key points such as neutralisation, use of lime.

When work is returned students will have a quiet time in which to respond to feedback. We call this DIRT (Dedicated independent reflection time). This is a time for students to carry out their missions and seek clarification if they need it. Any missions not completed during this time should be completed as part of homework.

If you have any issues relating to feedback please contact Mr Beale, Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning