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At the Hastings Academy, we believe that every student deserves to have teachers and a curriculum that is ambitious for them in every subject, every lesson and on every day. Our overarching aim is that students who attend the Hastings Academy receive an educational experience that challenges them, enables them to reach their full potential and develops them into happy, successful and well-rounded global citizens who contribute positively to society. We want our young people to leave the Academy with the widest range of opportunities available to them including higher education or a career of their choice.

Out school’s curriculum is built on six guiding principles which are present in all our practice:

  • Broad & balanced: students study the full national curriculum and beyond it only specialising in GCSEs option subjects in year 10
  • High ambition: students are highly challenged with demanding learning planned across a rigorous scheme of learning
  • Big Ideas: students receive coherently sequenced learning that develops ‘big ideas’ throughout their time in a subject
  • Knowledge rich: students are taught key concepts, facts or skills and spend significant time consolidating learning so that they have mastered a subject
  • Support pathways: students are supported in lessons to access the curriculum with personalised support pathways provided to those who absolutely need it.

  • Relevant: students are offered a curriculum that connects with their ambitions and aims for the future


Key Stage 3 Curriculum

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9


Key Stage 4 Curriculum

Year 10

Year 11