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Teaching and Learning

We know that every learner is unique

We endeavour to create an educational environment that suits all our learners. Our philosophy of teaching and learning is based on: 

Our purpose and direction - providing the secure platform to promote and develop innovative, creative, pro-active leadership practices at all levels, which confidently address the academy’s needs.

Our personal development - to ensure basic needs are met so that every student, no matter their starting point, has equal chance to thrive.

Our personalised curriculum - to offer an exciting and engaging curriculum which promotes different pathways to success.‚Äč To raise aspirations and develop a thirst for challenge through a curriculum which promotes confidence and self-belief to succeed.

Our creative learning - providing a personalised curriculum that utilises student strengths & is relevant, accessible and progressive.  Integral to every part of the curriculum will be the fundamental values critical to social well-being, including self-discipline, resilience, respect, honesty, work ethic, trust & compassion.

Our performance and progress - to achieve a culture of learning through opportunities, ambition and outcomes


Special Educational Needs

Guided Choices