The following items are compulsory:

  • The Hastings Academy Blazer: Grey blazer with the Academy logo
  • The Hastings Academy Polo shirt: Turquoise polo shirt with Academy logo
  • Trousers or skirt: Plain black standard-fit school trousers or black-pleated knee length uniform skirt
  • Socks or tights: Plain black socks (up to below the knee) or plain/neutral/black coloured tights
  • Shoes: Plain black shoes or black trainers - no logos or white trims
  • Backpack: A school backpack in which students can carry their exercise books
  • Coat / rain jacket: A coat / rain jacket (for colder/wetter days and months)

The following items are optional:

  • The Hastings Academy Jumper: Grey v-neck jumper with Academy logo. This may be worn under The Hastings Academy Blazer

PE Kit

The following items are compulsory:

  • The Hastings Academy PE Sweatshirt: Crewneck sweatshirt with the Academy logo, or, until 1/9/22: The Hastings Academy PE Hoodie or a plain black PE Sweatshirt
  • The Hastings Academy PE T-shirt: Academy logo t-shirt
  • PE Shorts: Plain black shorts
  • PE bottoms or leggings: Plain black leggings / jogging bottoms
  • PE Socks: Plain black PE socks
  • PE bag: A PE bag in which students can carry their PE kit.
  • Sports trainers: no flat-soled shoes, e.g. Converse style or plimsolls

Jewellery / Accessories

Students are permitted to wear the following, should they meet these criteria:

  • Earrings: One pair of small stud earrings in the ear lobe
  • Piercings: Clear plastic retainers should be used in place of any facial piercing
  • Hair adornments: These should be minimal and plain (not brightly coloured or patterned)


Banned Clothing and Accessories

Students are not permitted to wear the following:

  • Boots (nothing covering the ankle)
  • Leggings/jeggings
  • Jeans/skinny jeans
  • Skinny/drainpipe trousers
  • Hotpants (in place of shorts for PE)
  • Sweatshirts/hoodies
  • Heavy make-up including eyeliner flicks, heavy eyebrows/eye shadow/foundation
  • False eyelashes
  • Dyed hair colouring
  • Extreme haircuts - shaved heads ‘zero cuts’
  • Facial piercings (Health and Safety)
  • Nail varnish, long nails or false long nails (Health and Safety)
  • Hooped earrings (Health and Safety)
  • Rings (Health and Safety)
  • Bracelets (Health and Safety)
  • Necklaces (Health and Safety)
  • Badges - other than official school badges


Uniform is available from Super Stitch 86 at: SUPER STITCH 86 and Sussex Uniforms at: SUSSEX UNIFORMS

Essential Equipment

Students are required to bring to school every day a suitable school bag or rucksack and a stationery kit containing at least two pens and pencils.