Schools Within Schools

Each student belongs to one of 4 small schools, East Hill, Firehills, Silverhill and West Hill.

What this means

Within a school, each student is a member of a tutor group. The tutor groups contain about 15 students of different ages. This size and structure enables students to be known really well by their Tutors and to mix with students in different year groups. The mixing of age groups allows buddy support for reading, independent study and developing social skills.

Each school is led by a Head of School, a senior member of staff. An Assistant Head of School monitors attendance and punctuality, behaviour and readiness to learn. The school’s Student Support Manager, a non–teaching member of staff, is available throughout the day to support students and families. These staff, with the Tutors, work with our students to enable them to make best possible progress.

A further key strength of this small school model is the support it offers to students when they move from primary school.