Rewards and Sanctions


Students are rewarded points in class and around the school for any positive work or act. They are able to exchange their reward points and buy a variety of exciting merchandise. Our rewards shop is on We have Love2shop, vouchers, mini golf vouchers, odeon cinema vouchers, lunch time passes, ice-cream at break time vouchers, subway vouchers and many more. Please long onto to find out more.

The Academy uses to ensure that students are rewarded for effort, achievement, good conduct, attendance, punctuality, attendance at clubs and revision sessions. Students have the opportunity to be awarded. Students can manage their accounts online and parents will also be able to monitor progress through the Classcharts app.

Sanctions - Behaviour to Achieve

Behaviour to Achieve (BTA) aims to:

  • Continue to improve standards of behaviour in the learning environment and provide a platform for outstanding teaching.
  • Enhance the learning opportunities of all students to make exceptional progress.
  • Provide clearly defined boundaries for students and staff so that all feel safe and secure.
  • Establish a consistent whole staff approach to behaviour across the Academy.
  • Encourage students to take responsibility for their actions and realise that poor behaviour is often the result of poor choices.


  • BTA is a whole school system which staff use in a fair and consistent way. No other classroom sanctions are used.
  • All consequences are given through a central school system and the data is carefully monitored.

The consequences for the disruption of learning are:

  • C1 - Verbal warning
  • C2 - Verbal warning
  • C3 - Whole school detention
  • C4 - Isolation

Students are expected to conduct themselves appropriately whilst moving around the Academy. To uphold this BTA is also used outside the classroom.