Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

Nurturing within our community; aspiration, self-worth, courage, a respect for learning, ​the drive for a successful personal and collective future and the desire for all to achieve and prosper.

Our Strategic Commitment, Purpose & Intent

Our purpose and direction - providing the secure platform to promote and develop innovative, creative, pro-active leadership practices at all levels, which confidently address the academy’s needs.

Our personal development - to ensure basic needs are met so that every student, no matter their starting point, has equal chance to thrive.

Our personalised curriculum - to offer an exciting and engaging curriculum which promotes different pathways to success.​ To raise aspirations and develop a thirst for challenge through a curriculum which promotes confidence and self-belief to succeed.

Our creative learning - providing a personalised curriculum that utilises student strengths & is relevant, accessible and progressive.  Integral to every part of the curriculum will be the fundamental values critical to social well-being, including self-discipline, resilience, respect, honesty, work ethic, trust & compassion.

Our performance and progress - to achieve a culture of learning through Opportunities, Ambition and Outcomes

Our character and relationships - to create a clear sense of identity and self – worth in every learner through our daily interactions, providing a safe, secure and happy climate for learning. β€‹

Our engagement and impact - to improve the holistic outcomes for all learners; providing equity of opportunity in a climate of mutual respect, by breaking down any barriers to learning, thereby enabling everyone to have what they need to succeed.​

Our professional learning - to empower all staff to teach engaging, stimulating lessons, that take risks, in order that all children have the same life chances as everyone, regardless of their starting point.

Our Values

Believe in:

The individual - seeing each person as unique, valuable and important regardless of background, race, gender, belief or other personal characteristic.

Our community - recognising the importance of our local communities, their contribution to present and future generations, and their role in making a fairer and safer society.

Our environment - recognising the uniqueness and fragility of the environment and the importance of sustainable development.

Diversity - recognising the value of diversity and its contribution to a richer and more inclusive society.

Care and support - helping each other and understanding that we all need support at certain times in our lives.

Respect - treating everyone with respect, valuing their humanity and going ‘that extra mile’ to support each other.