Our Vision and Values

Our vision

Our mission is to create a culture of innovation and excellence that unlocks the potential of every learner.

Our aims

The Hastings and St Leonards academies are innovative new schools with twenty–first century facilities, skilled staff and an exciting new way of teaching that will help every student fulfil their potential.

Our values

Believe in:

The individual - seeing each person as unique, valuable and important regardless of background, race, gender, belief or other personal characteristic.

Our community - recognising the importance of our local communities, their contribution to present and future generations, and their role in making a fairer and safer society.

Our environment - recognising the uniqueness and fragility of the environment and the importance of sustainable development.

Diversity - recognising the value of diversity and its contribution to a richer and more inclusive society.

Care and support - helping each other and understanding that we all need support at certain times in our lives.

Respect - treating everyone with respect, valuing their humanity and going ‘that extra mile’ to support each other.