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Lockdown Fitness Hero, Joe Wicks, Hosts Exciting Workout and Q&A at Silverdale Primary Academy

Lockdown Fitness Hero, Joe Wicks, Hosts Exciting Workout and Q&A at Silverdale Primary Academy

On Thursday, 16th May, the staff and pupils of Silverdale Primary Academy opened its doors to Joe Wicks MBE. The renowned fitness enthusiast visited the academy to host a dynamic 30-minute workout session, followed by an engaging question and answer segment.

Joe was enthusiastic about engaging with both teachers and pupils, aiming to inspire and motivate the school community through fitness and healthy living. His primary goal of reaching as many children as possible with this energising experience was achieved, as all 630 pupils and over 50 staff members participated in the workout.

"We were delighted to have Joe at our school," said Jonathan Morris, Principal of Silverdale Primary Academy. "His energy and passion for fitness were truly inspiring for our pupils, staff, and parents. This event perfectly aligns with our commitment to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle."

The day was a fantastic, fun-filled experience of fitness and inspiration during which Joe was awarded the highest accolade possible from Silverdale; an Ultimate Ninja, joining a select alumni including Sir Richard Attenborough, Stephen Hawkings (awarded posthumously) and Jurgen Klopp to name but a few.

On the same day as Joe's visit the EYFS children witnessed the hatching of 14 chicks and in commemoration of the event, one young chick was named after Joe. 

Silverdale Primary Academy, is dedicated to nurturing a healthy and active lifestyle among its pupils and staff. Jonathan Morris continued to say, “we believe in the power of fitness to enhance not only physical health but also mental well-being and academic performance, Joe's visit has only enhanced this view and inspired a whole new generation.”

On behalf of everyone at the University of Brighton Academies Trust and Silverdale Primary Academy, thank you, Joe, for making such a significant impact on our pupils and inspiring them to be their very best.