Exam Results

Examination Results - Summer 2021

It is with great pleasure and immense pride that, in spite of one of our most challenging academic years, The Hastings Academy can announce another successful set of results. Our results show the evidence of a thorough and robust Teacher Assessed Grades process, which involved student examinations, in class assessments and assignments. All students are worthy of our praise for their resilience, dignity, focus and mature approach to their learning, and these results show that this has paid dividends. We are immensely proud of them and their successes, allowing them to progress to their next destinations. Notable recognition for achievement goes to the following students who have achieved outstanding grades; Lila Perrotton, Jake Ennis, Jonathan Noble, Katy Hughes, Reuben Edwards and Harry Harding. Congratulations to Lila for her achievement of grades 9 and 8 in all her subjects.  


In addition to the students who received top grades, we are extremely proud of the tenacity of our students whose attitude to learning, throughout their time with us, has secured outstanding progress in their learning and evidenced in their much-improved results. Congratulations for their outstanding progress go to; Jonathan Noble, Oliver Hayward, Tamsin Cooper, Nathan Bowles, Jade Middleton, Jake Ennis, Peter Nagle, George Thomas, Jack Thatcher, Jasmine Russell, Lila Perrotton, Jack Drury. These students were on average achieving 2 grades higher in their subjects than their estimated grade. 


As Principal, I would like to thank The Hastings Academy staff for their relentless focus and constant support to secure only the best for their students. I would also extend my thanks to our parents and carers who have supported the academy and worked with us to the benefit of their children. And lastly, but most importantly, to the students themselves, who listened to and responded to our teaching, were a brilliant year group and great ambassadors for the academy. On behalf of all who have worked with our Year 11 students, we wish them every good fortune, health and happiness as they embark on the next stage of their learning journey.   

Hilary Morawska

The Hastings Academy - Examination Data - Key Performance Indicators

  2017 2018 2019 2020
Progress 8 -0.3 -0.33 -0.39 -0.28
Attainment 8 36.5 39.1 38.2 38.6
% Grade 5+ in English and maths 19 30 29 33
% Grade 4+ in English and maths 41 48 50 55
% entered for eBacc 36 14 19 27
% achieved eBacc 15 9 5 15


  Sustained education, employment or apprenticeship
2019/20 Awaiting DfE
2018/19 Awaiting DfE
2017/18 94%
2016/17 88%
2015/16 87%