Online Safety

The internet can be a useful tool for communicating, downloading information (such as recipes, maps, train times, weather etc ) researching, shopping, teaching and generally having fun playing internet games and activities. For most people the internet has become the first port of call for information and a vital part of their everyday life; and for children in particular an excellent tool for homework and chatting to friends! Because of the prolific use of the internet coupled with the anonymity of internet users, internet safety has become paramount and all internet users need to be aware of the key issues. As with many activities in life, so long as you follow certain guidelines and are aware of the dangers, you should still be able to enjoy safe surfing. Many organisations have set up comprehensive websites which provides guides and rules on internet safety. Below are some of the best guides and information for parents to fully support their students in being safe online.

If you have a concern about an online safety issue related to your child in school, please contact us.

Online Safety Parental Workshop
Social media - what might your teen be accessing?

The following websites (please see below document) have been identified by Sussex Police as having features that can encourage the use of communication between children and other unknown persons. Please discuss the use of these websites with your children.

CSE Social Media Library
E-Safety Links
Top Tips for iPads

This guide provides specific tips to help you support your child to use their iPad safely and responsibly.

Advice for parents and carers on cyber bullying

This advice is for parents and carers about cyberbullying. It provides advice and information about how they can protect their child from cyberbullying and how to tackle it if it happens.

Cyberbullying: Advice for headteachers and school staff

All UK mobile phone providers have malicious or nuisance call, text or picture message centres set up and have procedures in place to deal with such instances.

Families Matter

Families Matter have designed an online guide for parents on the dangers of radicalisation, as well as producing a YouTube film with testimonies from parents whose children have travelled to Syria.

Think U Know Website

Come in to find the latest information on the sites you like to visit, mobiles and new technology.

Parents Protect!

This website is an information and resources website which aims to raise awareness about child sexual abuse, answer questions and give adults the information, advice, support and facts, they need to help protect children..

Net Aware

Your guide to the social networks your kids use. Stay up to date and keep your child safe in today's digital world

o2 : NSPCC

On this hub, you'll find articles on everything from online bullying, to the apps your kids are using.

Internet Matters

We’re passionate about keeping children safe online and are here to help you make the right decisions for you and your family. Whether you’re looking for information for the first time, or an old hand, our website has everything you need to help make your children’s online life fulfilling, fun and above all safe.

NSPCC: Share Aware

Help your child stay safe on social networks, apps and games.

How can you safeguard children from sexting? UK Safer Internet Center

Tips, advice and resources to help children have a safe and positive time online.

The Breck Foundation

Training for parents, pupils and teachers.


Information and advice service for children and young people


Child exploitation and online protection command - Reporting and recording concerns

Ofsed blog on tes

Latest Ofsted information about its work and findings

Staysafe's guide to on Internet Safety for Teens

East Sussex County Council
Guidance from the local council
5 Do's and Dont's

5 Do’s and Don’ts for an e-safe environment. (For parents, carers and Childminders)

Esafety Discussions at Home

A document on Having an e-Safety discussion at home

Esafety with a Teenager

Having an e-Safety discussion at home (With teenagers)

User Accounts

How to effectively manage User Accounts to promote Esafety

Nasty Messages Received Guide

Your child tells you they have been receiving nasty messages (A guide for parents and carers)

Nasty Messages as Perpetrator

My child has been sending unpleasant messages on the internet… HELP!

Child Online Safety

A practical guide for parents and carers whose children are using social media

ParentInfo is a new service from Parent Zone and CEOP, the child protection command Of the National Crime Agency. It delivers expert information about young people’s wellbeing and resilience online to parents and carers through your school’s website. ParentInfo covers a wide range of subjects, with a focus on issues that are created or amplified by the internet and technology. You’ll find information on everything from Relationships, body image and peer pressure, to broader parenting topics such as supporting your child’s education.