Regular school attendance is important in order that you reach your full potential.

The information below is taken from the DCSF National Strategy and demonstrates the possible impact of attendance upon attainment.

Attendance levels can sometimes be regardsed in the same way as examination results. In an examination 80% would be a very positive result. In attendance terms that would mean that you missed 40 days of education, just over 1 day per week. Therefore if your attendance remains at 80% for the whole of your secondary education you will miss more than a full year of education.

Attendance Rates

95%+ = Excellent chance of 5 A*-C Grades

92.5% to 94.9% = Fair chance of 5 A*-C Grades

91.5% = Possible chance of 5 A*-C Grades

90% = Less than 50% chance of 5 A*-C Grades

88% = Less than 35% chance of 5 A*-C Grades

Less than 88% = Less than 30% chance of 5 A*-C Grades

Approximate Days of Absence in a School Year
Attendance Rate By End of School Year
100% 0
95% 10
90% 20
85% 30
80% 40
Please remember every school day counts