Safeguarding Concern
Fri, Mar 1, 2019 7:51 AM

It has been brought to our attention that some national press and social media have recently made mention of a specific safeguarding concern, namely “momo” and/or “momo challenge”.

We were made aware of the momo image and the suggested safeguarding risk around 1 year ago.

To date there has been no safe guarding incidents directly linked to momo, however we should always be mindful that similar real-life risks exist.

Parents and schools can mitigate risks by following the existing guidance issued to them as part of your own e-safety guidance to parents. We strongly recommend that general safeguarding measures should be in place at home, as they are at the Trust Academies.

We are aware that some students are searching for “Momo” within search engines and believe they are seeing the actual challenge and reporting back home, when in fact they are seeing images from the BBC news website.  

Please see this as an opportunity to educate any young or vulnerable members of the family in regards to internet safety or to re-enforce existing safeguarding methods already in place.

Please see this article from the BBC which hopefully should allay some concerns.

BBC News