In the event of school closure due to severe weather
Thu, Jan 31, 2019 9:06 AM

There is a clear expectation that The Hastings Academy will remain open while it is safe to do so.  However, if the academy should close, it will probably be because of heavy snow overnight or a forecast of heavy snow during the day.

To keep our parents and carers informed we are requesting that you check our website of our decision, which we will make by 7am on each day and will keep updated should the situation change. 

We will also relay details about the status of the academy on our local radio stations:

BBC Radio Sussex

Arrow FM

Bright 1064

Sovereign Radio

Seahaven Radio

Heart FM

Uckfield FM

Alternatively if you visit the East Sussex County Council website you can subscribe to receive automatic RSS news and emails informing you of a school closure.

We thank you for your patience whilst we work through our risk assessments to assure the health and safety of all individuals due to work and attend the academy.

Once the decision has been made to close the academy, we will advise our parents and carers by 7am the following morning about the re-opening of the academy and expected start time, which may be delayed in support of ongoing difficulties regarding travel.

If the decision is that the academy is to have a delayed start, we will expect the students to attend by that time.  Rules regarding weather appropriate footwear will be relaxed during the inclement weather in support of safe and warm journeys to school.

Should the snow fall during the school day we politely ask that you do not remove your child from the academy or call to collect, but await the academy‚Äôs decision to close which you will be made aware of via a text message and email.  All notices will also be relayed on Twitter and Facebook as well as our website. It does cause unrest among the students when contact is being made about leaving as opposed to them focusing on their learning.  Our focus is on the health and safety of all within the academy and we will act upon the best advice to make the most expedient decisions.

As I am sure you are aware making an informed decision regarding closure and/or potential delayed opening of the academy is as difficult a decision as predicting the weather!

We thank you for your support.

Hilary Morawska