Acting Principal's Newsfeed
Mon, Sep 10, 2018 12:00 PM

It was with great enthusiasm that the staff and students re-joined their academic career and workplace at The Hastings Academy, last week. The staff, with two full days of training and time to plan for their forthcoming students and classes. Already, our staff were busy booking trips and coaches to assure confirmed places at the most interesting of venues, which will support cultural literacy and curriculum, so do ensure you complete all paperwork that comes home about our trips and visits.

Our newest recruits, the Year 7s, started their secondary phase of education on Wednesday, where they and their tutors found this invaluable time with the school almost to themselves to learn its geography and familiar faces. Alongside the Year 7s we welcomed our new Year 11s. With the welcome came the news that in only eight months’ time their public examinations will be starting. Although a daunting task is ahead of them and their teachers, they were given all the encouragement they need to think beyond to the future that lay ahead if they attend, work with our staff and independently, at home, to ensure their last year at the academy is a success.

Thursday saw the academy filled with the smiling faces of our Year 8s-10s. I have to congratulate all our parents and carers for the very well presented uniforms, which our students wore with pride. New timetables, new classes, teachers and curriculum were introduced and each child absorbed the changes and learning like professionals. The excited hum of seeing friends and moving up to the next year group, was quickly subsumed into the hum of purpose and intent as they set to learn.

This new week will find Mrs Macmillan speaking to all our students about our Rewards system and how through excellent attendance, attitude to learning, progress and behaviour, Pride Pounds will be awarded to each student, by staff. These Pride Pounds can be redeemed at our Academy Rewards Shop and the list of prizes are endless. Last year, one prize was to have tea and cake with my good self! This years will include reward trips and money towards The Prom, which is the highlight of the year, for all staff and students involved.

So, as the new academic year gets underway on its first full week, I wish you all a good term and thank everyone, in advance, for their work and support to assure another great year for the academy.

 Hilary Morawska

Acting Principal