Pride Dissertation Project
Thu, May 4, 2017 10:34 AM

Dear Parents and Carers,

 Thank you for your continued support on the Pride Dissertation projects. The sessions this week were well attended and there have been good levels of progress made towards the development of these projects.

 This week students assessed where they were; focused on the core writing of the projects and set action points for what they need to achieve by the next sessions on 22nd and 23rd  May. The Sussex Coast College supervisors helped by critically evaluating the direction and work of the projects as well as suggesting ways forward and offering any other support that was requested by the students.

 Attached is a modified copy of the tracking list used during the sessions to assess the current stage of each project and the next steps. If you could talk through this tracker once a week with your son/daughter this will help to manage their workload. Students are also welcome to show us their work between sessions so that we can offer any further support and guidance on it.

 The final deadline is Wednesday 7th June 2017. Please send completed projects to Ann Bourne  by this date. Details of the Viva Voce will be confirmed once the projects have been received.

 Kind regards,

Alex Grant