Through Anxiety & Beyond
Thu, Jan 9, 2020 12:31 PM
Dear Parents and Carers,

Through Anxiety & Beyond – Thu 16 January 4 - 5pm at Hastings Academy 

Our innovative brain science seminars continue on Thu 16 Jan 4 - 5pm.  Do sign up at the link.  These seminars are open to all parents, carers and students who attend The Hastings Academy 

In this seminar we will look deeply into social anxiety, what it is and how we can respond differently to it and also explore how we can build our well-being from the ground up every day by managing our daily thought traffic with cognitive and emotional agility.  Some of our anxious thinking can become habitual and both upsetting and debilitating, in this seminar we explore how we can respond with agility and compassion rather than react with distress.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Wright
Action Your Potential on behalf of Hastings Academy