Open Evening Thursday 10th October - Early Closure
Thu, Sep 26, 2019 8:57 AM

Dear Parent/Carer

 Open Evening, 10th  October  -  Early School Closure

Our Annual Open Evening will be held on Thursday 10th October.  This evening is for prospective parents/carers and students who are considering The Hastings Academy as their chosen school from September 2020.

In view of the breadth of preparation needed by staff for this most important of evenings, the academy will close early at the end of Period 4. Students will, therefore be dismissed at 1.35pm on 10th October. The restaurant will be open throughout break 1 where students will have access to a full lunch service. No food will be served at lunch time as the restaurant will be closed. Those in receipt of Free School Meals, should have their meal at break 1. Students are expected to go straight home at the end of Period 4.

We shall also be having a late start on Friday 11th October and students should be in school for 10am.

We will be asking for student helpers and a permission letter will be sent out soon, so if your son/daughter has been asked to help, they will need to return to school at 5.30pm and report directly to the department where they will be helping. They will be released at the end of the evening, 8.00pm.  All students who are helping should be dressed smartly in full school uniform and have returned the permission slip below to Mrs Bourne. Any students who have not returned the permission slip and those arriving not wearing full school uniform will unfortunately be unable to help on this evening. 

As always, we thank you for your understanding and continued support for this most important school event.

Yours faithfully

Hilary Morawska