Most successful GCSE results in the academy's history
Thu, Aug 22, 2019 10:57 AM

It is with great pride that The Hastings Academy can announce the receipt of its most successful set of results in the academy’s history. The results, which continue to validate and highlight the wholesale commitment of our staff, parents, carers and students to provide the opportunities for our students to thrive and achieve, in their studies, thus enabling them to secure the next phase in their learning. This dedication to our students has evidenced an improvement in outcomes, from last year, in our Grade 4+ English (increase to 64%) and Maths (increase to 61%), which as a combined figure has risen to 50%. An increase in outcomes has also been evidenced in 13 subjects, with some outstanding results in Photography, Drama, Business & Finance, BTEC Sport and Music, whilst our Triple Scientists achieved 100% for each discipline.

There are some significant individual student achievements and we rightly praise and applaud them and many congratulations are extended to Orson Coupland who achieved on average three grades above his predicted scores; Blair Hirst who achieved six grades nines and Richard Stone who achieved four grade nines.

In summary, these excellent results reflect the tremendous effort and determination of our students and staffs endeavour to strive for continued improvement and success and we are rightly proud of them.

Hilary Morawska