Reminder on school uniform
Tue, May 28, 2019 8:09 AM
P  - Potential Believe Achieve Exceed
R  - Respect Strong, resilient learning community
I  -  Innovation Encourage creativity
D  - Determination We work together to realise individual and collective goals
E  - Excellence Challenge and support - Academic, Arts, Sports

As we end Term 5 and prepare for our final term of the academic year, we would like to 
re-emphasise our expectations on uniform.

The Hastings Academy is committed to a partnership between staff, parent, carers and students to enable us to provide an outstanding education for our young people. In order to achieve our very ambitious goals, we must work together effectively at all times. We would like to thank all our students and parents/carers who continue to support our values and also re-emphasise our expectations with regards to our uniform and dress code.

We are very proud of our uniform. All students are checked in the morning when entering the building to ensure our high standards are adhered to; jewellery and make up fall within this remit. We have updated our uniform policy to identify that socks worn by girls (black or white) must not be worn above the knee. This provides clarification for the trends/fashions that young people will often want to follow.

Students who come to school with incorrect uniform for any reason will be offered an alternative from our stock for that day, placed in isolation or be asked to go home and return appropriately dressed. Key to the Hastings Academy is the partnership with our parents/carers and students.

Should you be unclear of the standard required, please do not be persuaded to purchase items which you know will cause issues and lead to further expenditure when we object, but contact the Academy to seek clarification before purchasing items that may be incorrect. This also applies to our expectations with regards to piercings.

Please see the clearly presented dress code requirements for clarification.

Many thanks for your continued support.