Passport 2 Success

The Academy introduced the Passport to Success to focus students on taking responsibility for enhancing their own academic progress while at the same time developing a set of key skills necessary for life beyond the classroom. Our aim is that every student will leave with the qualifications and employability skills they need for life beyond The Hastings Academy.

In order to graduate, students need to be making expected or better progress across eight subjects, including English and Maths. They also need to have completed all eleven of the Employability Skills, namely:

Contributing to discussions - taking an interest in topics and expressing their ideas

Presentation Skills - building their public speaking skills to explain their ideas

Independent Study - taking responsibility for their own learning

Problem Solving - finding solutions to problems

Resilience - not giving up when faced with obstacles

Teamwork - putting effort into working with others

Leadership - taking responsibility for leading a group or event

Self-presentation - showing pride in themselves

Citizenship - being aware of the needs of others

Active Participation - getting involved in groups, either inside or outside of school

Cultural Experiences - learning more about their own and other cultures through new experiences.

Students can Graduate in three tiers at the end of the academic year:

Pass - Expected progress or better in at least 8 subjects, including English and Maths.

Merit - Good progress in at least 5 subjects, including English and Maths. No less than Expected progress in 8 subjects.

Distinction - Good progress in at least 8 subjects, including English and Maths.