Pride Through Success
Welcome to the Hastings Academy

It is a pleasure and privilege to be welcoming you to the website of The Hastings Academy.

It has been a delight to have worked, as a senior leader, at the Academy for the last three years, and now, as Principal; this rare opportunity to work with such a loyal, committed and hardworking team of staff reinforces the desire that, together, we will continue to provide the best of learning experiences for our students.

Our staff are rightly proud to be effecting change at The Hastings Academy and believe that the education provided to our students, will enable them to find success, be happy in their learning and achieve their goals. We greatly value and encourage our community to work with us in our endeavour to help each child realise their potential and we are relentless in pursuing every avenue and form of support to ensure we fulfil this promise.

All who work and are a part of The Hastings Academy are continually striving to ensure we are the academy of choice for our community and therefore, we actively encourage prospective parents, carers and students to come and visit our place of learning. We look forward to seeing you.

Hilary Morawska
Latest News
Well-Being Seminarsclose

Posted at: Mon, Oct 14, 2019 8:08 AM

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Free online safety guide: Do Video Games Actually Cause Violent Behaviour?close

Posted at: Fri, Oct 11, 2019 11:31 AM

The link between video games and violent behaviour remains a contentious issue. Parents can often receive conflicting news which positively identifies and then disproves the theory. That why we’ve created this guide to help trusted adults better understand the argument for and against any relationship between the two.

Read on to get your free guide and to catch up on the latest online safety news...>

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Action Your Potential: Neuro Ninja courseclose

Posted at: Wed, Oct 9, 2019 1:06 PM

Back by popular demand! Andrew Wright from Action Your Potential will be working with us over the course of this academic year to help all of us, you, your child and us, to understand the complexity of the brain and provide us with an instruction manual to understand the complexities of our brain.  It will teach us to re-wire our minds to change bad habits and as well as give us time to reflect on ourselves and put our well-being first.  We will be running seminars and workshops for...

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Posted at: Wed, Oct 2, 2019 7:56 AM

The UK is due to leave the European Union on 31 October. Any parents or carers of pupils who are EU, EEA or Swiss citizens need to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme to continue living in the UK after 2020. The eligibility criteria for the settlement scheme as detailed by the government is as follows:

·         You need to apply if you are an EU citizen or a non-EU family member of an EU citizen, this includes those with a UK permanent residence document. You do not need to apply...

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Ofsted Parent View

At The Hastings Academy we welcome feedback from parents and carers. This information is helpful for us to understand your views in all areas of your child’s care and education and it enables us to proactively consider and react to your feedback thus enabling us to continually enhance the service that we provide.

Many thanks to those of you who have or will take the time to complete the Ofsted Parent View online form.